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Concierge Service

Do what you love in a luxurious and serene space. Comfortable and clean with functional work stations and a concierge to provide those extra steps that truly give your clients the full VIP salon experience.

With SHINE, You Get This

Imagine having a concierge to greet your client, provide them with a refreshing beverage, guide them to the dressing room where they can change into a luxurious kimono, and then direct them to your private suite.

That is exactly what our concierge provides for you and your clients. Forget that feeling of being behind and rushing to the next client. We are here to help you and provide those extra minutes between appointments to make sure each of your clients receive all the TLC they deserve.

Be your own boss. Let us help you.

Five-Star Concierge Service

Whether it’s a morning espresso, relaxing lavender tea or purified water to stay hydrated in that Austin summer heat; our concierge will be there to provide your clients with excellent service as they wait to be pampered in your private suite.

Elevate your experience as a hairstylist.

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